Summer time is still there for a while. So there will be plenty of time to enjoy a delicious rosé in good company on the terrace, but which alcohol-free rosé is really tasty and does not disappoint you? Here below you will find a nice overview of the best rosés the alcohol-free market has to offer. The good news is that there is a suitable solution for every taste. This list has become a nice mix of still and sparkling rosé wines, dry rosés, but also a tasty one for those who prefer a sweeter touch. The latest trends and innovation have also been considered. In short, there will be a few surprising recommendations for lovers of rosé without alcohol.


1. Kolonne Null Rosé: € 9,95

Kolonne Null rosé is rightfully a premium rosé, which absolutely belongs to the top of the non-alcoholic rosé wines. Dry, tasty, vegan and low in calories, what more could you wish for? An intense salmon pink color supports the fruity, floral character of Kolonne Null rosé. This rosé is very suitable as an aperitif, but also delicious with cold Mediterranean starters or fish.

Flavor Profile: Dry



“It’s tea, but not as you know it” describes exactly what it is: A nice alternative to alcoholic sparkling rosé, with tea as a base. All the ingredients are of organic origin and are carefully selected for the perfect taste. You will imagine being in Asia with this LYSERØD Sparkling Tea, because of its delicious Oriental taste and aroma. It’s a real feeling of coziness, the finest taste will support this. There is a touch of herbs, thanks to the Oolong Silver Needle tea, combined with notes of blackberry and hibiscus end in a dry aftertaste: Exciting and surprising!

Flavor Profile: Dry


3. Jederzeit Rosé: € 10,40

Jederzeit is, as the name suggests, a non-alcoholic rosé of German origin, made from Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes. The beautiful deep rosé color immediately catches the eye when pouring. Red fruits such as berries and strawberry are clearly present in taste and aroma. This Jederzeit Rosé has beautiful intense sweet flavors and aromas followed by a long finish.

At Weingut Neuspergerhof in Germany, Jederzeit is produced organically and vegan, without the use of pesticides or animal products. The alcohol is then carefully removed, so that all natural aromas and taste are optimally preserved.

Jederzeit Rosé also goes well with salads, soups, green vegetables, tuna or salmon.

Flavor profile: Semi-dry


4. Gustavshof Holunder Secco: € 11,95

For the fans of sweeter wines, Gustavshof Holuder Secco is a real winner! Enjoy this delicious alternative to an alcoholic sparkling rosé or a German sparkling wine. Gustavshof Holunder Secco has a characteristic, almost light orange color and is pleasantly sweet with a little acidity. You can taste plenty of fruits such as plums and berries. The touch of elderberries finishes it off completely. This Gustavshof Holunder Secco is produced in a biologically dynamic way and is not de-alcoholized, but high quality unfermented grape juice is a great basis. The addition of vinegar cultures creates a unique complexity and bite.

Flavor Profile: Swee

5. Eins-Zwei Zero Rosé: € 9,95

This rosé is made from Merlot, Portugieser and Pinot Noir grapes. The color is light. The taste is full and firm. At first there is a bit of sweetness with lots of fruit, including white strawberry, rosehip and grapefruit. Finally a long, semi-dry finish will end a nice journey of taste.

Eins-Zwei-Zero Rosé is excellent for a delicious spring or summer drink and also goes well with summer salads, pasta and poultry. Serve this rosé at a temperature of 9 degrees for optimal enjoyment.

Flavor profile: Semi-dry

6. Oddbird Sparkling Rosé: € 13,60

Oddbird Sparkling Rosé is presented in a festive, elegant bottle. After opening, the gold-colored bubbles rise as gold flakes in the glass. The taste is wonderfully semi-dry with notes of citrus, Granny-Smith apples and summer berries.

Oddbird produces non-alcoholic wines in the most traditional way possible. This sparkling rosé is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. To bring out the best flavour, grapes are aged in barrels for 12 months and the alcohol has been carefully removed using a patented method. The result: A sparkling rosé in which the natural character of the grapes has been optimally preserved. This is a highly recommended sparkling rosé.

Flavor profile: Semi-dry

7. URB Shanghai: € 2,89

URB (street language for urban) arose in a rooftop bar in a big city. The founders were looking for something new, something refreshing, something that didn’t exist before. That’s how URB was born. URB is vegan, made from natural ingredients and contains less sugar and carbohydrates. It does not use grapes, but organic fruit, which provides a luxurious drinking experience and therefore fits seamlessly into a modern lifestyle. The aroma is very fruity. In the crisp, dry taste you first will find red fruit and rhubarb and secondly an exciting hint of Sencha tea and passion flower. How contemporary and innovative do you want it to be? For the best enjoyment we highly recommend to serve URB Shanghai in a champagne glass. Content: 250 ml.

Flavor Profile: Dry

8. Buloo Apero: € 4,95

“Save the best for last” with Buloo Apero! Buloo Apero is an elegant sparkling aperitif with the allure of a rosé champagne, but non-alcoholic and low in calories. Buloo Apero is the result of a natural fermentation, without the addition of extracts or essences, without preservatives or artificial flavors and is therefore 100% natural. Enjoy a herbal aroma and a refreshing, dry taste combination of rooibos, lemon, herbs, a refined acidity of kombucha, with a hint of roses. Buloo Apero is presented in a beautifully designed 33 cl bottle.

Buloo Apero deserves a champagne coupe or flute. Serve this sparkling non-alcoholic alternative with Oriental dishes, raw fish, meat, poultry or slow food. Enjoy!

Flavor Profile: Dry

All these beautiful alternatives for alcoholic rosés are available at Amavine, thé online boutique for all your top class non-alcoholic wines, gins, spirits and luxury lifestyle drinks. Enjoy a beautiful summer and these fantastic rosés. cheers!